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Conditional Award of Vouchers – Public Notice

The Baltimore Regional PBV Program has made a conditional award of sixteen (16) project-based vouchers to Dorsey Overlook, LLLP in Ellicott City. Howard County Housing Commission is a partner agency in this program. For additional information, contact Dan Pontious, Housing Policy Coordinator, at (410) 732-0500 x1055 or

Commission Financials

PHA Annual/5 Year Plan

The Public Housing Annual Plan for the fiscal year beginning 2016 can be viewed by clicking here.

The Public Housing Annual Plan for the fiscal year beginning 2017 can be viewed by clicking here.

Rental Housing Survey

Howard County Housing is pleased to present its 2012 Rental Housing Survey. The survey is a comprehensive assessment of the multi-family and licensed scattered site rental market in Howard County, detailing the availability, distribution and affordability of these units. Please click the link below:

2012 Rental Housing Survey - New

Analysis of Impediments

In 1995 the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced that entitlement communities- those communities that receive direct federal funding from Community Development Block Grant, HOME Investment Partnership and Emergency Shelter Grant programs - conduct a study of existing barriers to housing choice. The required study is referred to as the "Analysis of Impediments (AI) and is part of entitlement communities' consolidated planning process.

The purpose of the AIis to examine how state and local laws and private, public and non-profit sector regulations, administrative policies, procedures, and practices impact the location, availability and accessibility of housing in a given area. The AI is more than just a fair housing review. Instead it looks at the current state of fair housing choice and identifies specific barriers that need to be addressed for future fair housing initiatives to be successful.

Howard County is a member of the Baltimore Regional Group (BRG), a body consisting of several local entitlement jurisdictions receiving Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership funds from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development. As entitlement jurisdictions we commit to affirmatively further fair housing and conducting an AI to identify barriers to fair housing is the first step in satisfying this requirement.

The complete report will include both local and regional barriers to housing for Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County and Howard County and encompasses the examination of the following:

  • The sale and rental of both affordable and private housing;
  • The administration of rental assistance;
  • The financing of housing projects;
  • The policies that affect the creation, expansion and preservation of housing;
  • The policies and programs that affect community development, including outreach to minority, at-risk and financially fragile households; and
  • The availability of affordable housing and the affect on minority concentration.
Please see Howard County's Notice along with the Regional Analysis of Impediments and Howard County's Report. Also available is the Errata Sheetfor the Regional Analysis of Impediments.