How long will it take my application to reach the top of the waiting list?

The amount of time that it takes for an application to reach the top of the waiting list cannot be predicted, and is dependent on the following factors:

1. The application wait list ranking.
2. The availability of a subsidized unit or funding for a voucher.

Since the waiting list time period can be lengthy HCH makes no promise of immediate housing to its applicants.

What happens when my application reaches the top of the waiting list?

An eligibility interview is scheduled when a application reaches the top of the waiting list. At the time of the interview HCH will guide the family through the process of completing required forms and supplying preference verification, personal identity, demographic, income, asset and any other information required to determine if a family is eligible for housing assistance. HCH gives the applicant 15 calendar days from the date of the eligibility interview to supply all required information.

In addition to information collection, HCH also performs a screening process that includes one or all the following:

1. A criminal background check of all household members 14 years of age or older.
2. A credit check.
3. A rental history/reference check.

HCH uses all the information collected and the results of the screening process to make an eligibility determination. The eligibility determination tells HCH:

1. If the family meets program income standards.
2. If the family meets criminal, credit and rental reference standards.
3. If all household members listed on the application can be approved.
4. The approved size of the unit or voucher bedroom size for the family.
5. The amount of rent the family will be required to pay.

NOTE: If the applicant does not timely provide all the information required to determine if the family qualifies for housing assistance the eligibility process will stop and the applicant will be notified that the request for housing assistance has been denied