Reinvest, Renovate, Restore

Howard County Department of Housing and Community Development Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program


A County-wide rehabilitation loan fund is established to provide funds to existing homeowners in Howard County to make repairs to their homes. With low-interest loans homeowners can make repairs to meet local housing codes for safety and health concerns, make improvements to their home, make accessibly modifications for disabilities and homeowners wanting to age in place. Eligible property types include single-family detached, condominiums, townhouses or mobile homes which is the principal residence of its owners. Maximum loan amounts are $40,000. Interest not to exceed 2%, and the loan term not to exceed 30 years. Household income not to exceed 80% of Howard County’s area median income. The applicants must be current on their mortgage, property taxes, fees and the property must be insured. The rehabilitation to the homes must include some exterior improvements, thus reducing housing blight in some of the neighborhood.

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