Contact Tracing
Contact TracingContact Tracing Investigation. Make Sure to respond if a Health Department Investigator contacts you. Giving thorough information will help prevent virus spread in you family and the community. If you have questions, call our coronavirus information line at 410-313-6284. The Health Department does NOT share patient information or health status of anyone.  Stopping the Coronavirus One Person at a Time.

What is Contact Tracing? Why does the Health Department need this information?  Who is going to have my information?  Will other people be told my health status?  The following information will answer these questions.


MD COVID Alert is the official COVID-19 Exposure Notifications Express system of Maryland. MD COVID Alert uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology tCell phone with MD COVID Alert. Click to visit COVIDlink. marylandquickly notify users who might have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 with the goal of reducing infections in Maryland.  iPhone users will be able to opt in by enabling exposure notifications in their phone’s settings and selecting Maryland as their region. Android can opt in by installing the MD COVID Alert app from the Google Play Store. MD COVID Alert is available at no cost and is voluntary. Users can disable exposure notifications at any time. 

Android users can download the app from the Google Play Store by following this link:

MD COVID Alert does not collect, transmit, or store personal information of users, and the system is completely anonymous.  For more information about MD COVID Alert, visit