Bureau of Health Promotion

The Bureau of Health Promotion's goals are to implement wellness initiatives that reduce health risk factors, improve wellness and safety, and maintain a productive and active Howard County community and work force.

They accomplish this by:

  • Providing health education in Howard County communities, schools, worksites, and health care settings
  • Providing health information to the Howard County community about Health Department services and resources
  • Improving Howard County tobacco retailers’ awareness and compliance with Maryland tobacco laws
  • Partnering with community agencies to deliver effective health promotion and illness prevention services in Howard County

Love Your Heart – February is American Health Month. 
According to the Center for Disease Control

  • ·   About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year – that’s 1 in every 4 deaths. 
  • ·   Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.
  • ·   A heart attack happens when the blood supply to heart is cut off.
  • ·   It is important to recognize the signs of a heart attack and to act immediately.

Learn more about heart disease and its risk factors.  It’s important for everyone to know the facts about heart disease https://www.cdc.gov/heartdisease/docs/consumered_heartdisease.pdf

Howard County community, celebrate American Heart Month and wear RED every Friday in February to urge Americans to join the battle against heart disease.  Below are some heart healthy tips to help prevent heart disease:

·         Eat healthy

o   View heart healthy recipes here. https://recipes.heart.org/

·         Get active

o   Participate in Get Active Howard County. Register for the 10-week initiative here. http://www.wepromotehealth.org/what-is-get-active-howard-county.aspx

·         Stay at a healthy weight

o   Start or join a walking group at your office, with your neighbors in your community or with your family.  Check out the American Heart Association for resources. http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/HealthyLiving/PhysicalActivity/Walking/Start-or-Join-a-Walking-Club_UCM_460019_Article.jsp#.WJI-ilMrKUk

o   The Mall in Columbia opens the main entrance doors at 6am every day for mall walking. Mall Mileage:

·         Walking the upper level once is 4,275 feet or 3/4 of a mile plus 315 feet.

·         Walking the lower level once is 3,975 feet or 3/4 of a mile plus 15 feet.

·         Walking both levels of the mall is 8,250 feet or 1.5 miles plus 330 feet.

·         Quit smoking and stay away from secondhand smoke

o   Call 410-313-4255 to find out about Smoking Cessation (Quitting) & Tobacco Treatment Programs. https://www.howardcountymd.gov/Departments/Health/Cancer-Prevention/Tobacco-Control-Program

·         Control your cholesterol and blood pressure

o   Find out why to keep a blood pressure journal . http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/HighBloodPressure/KnowYourNumbers/Monitoring-Your-Blood-Pressure-at-Home_UCM_301874_Article.jsp#.WIubrlMrKUk

o   Howard County General Hospital offers free, walk-in blood pressure screening and monitoring at various locations. No registration required.  For more information visit: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/howard_county_general_hospital/classes_events/free_blood_pressure_screenings_monitoring.html

·         If you drink alcohol, drink in moderation. http://www.hcdrugfree.org/

·         Manage stress

o   Call us at 410-313-6202 to discuss behavioral health service options. https://www.howardcountymd.gov/gethelp


HCHD Participation in Your Health Event

Click on the graphic or click here to complete the fillable Health Outreach Request form!

Howard County Health Department (HCHD) is committed to helping educate the community we serve.  We proudly participate in a variety of local health fairs, educational series, and community events throughout the year.  If you are interested in having the Howard County Health Department present at your next event, please read the following guidelines before completing the online Community Outreach Request form. 


  • Requests should be submitted online at least 30 days prior to the event date.
  • Participation at your event is based on HCHD staff and/or volunteer availability.
  • If we are unable to attend, we may be able to provide brochures about our services to distribute at your event and/or suggest other sources for printable materials that can be downloaded.
  • Questions about our Community Outreach Event request process may be directed to askhealth@howardcountymd.gov 

Use this form to request Health Department participation in your health fair or health event.  

Fax: 410-313-5961

Email: askhealth@howardcountymd.gov

Mailing address:
Howard County Health Department
8930 Stanford Blvd.
Columbia, MD 21045
Attn: Health Fairs 

Grant Hill, Former Phoenix Suns Basketball Player, Serves on President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition