Health Related Issues Complaint Form
The following form allows you to report nuisance conditions or potential health issues you have observed in Howard County. Our Department will investigate all reports to determine if a hazardous condition exists, and work to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. A health nuisance, as defined by Howard County code, is any activity or condition that poses an actual or potential threat to health. In order to ensure that inspectors have all the information they need to investigate reported complaints, please provide as much information as possible on this form. Only health related complaints located in Howard County will be investigated by our Department. 

IMPORTANT:  If you believe you have an illness related to eating bad food or food product, please call our Bureau of Environmental Health immediately at 410- 313-1772. After business hours, leave a message with your callback information.

Public Information Act (PIA) Requests: Public Information Acts (PIA) requests for the Bureau of Environmental Health must be requested using the PIA request form that may be found on the Bureau’s webpage.

If you choose to use this online form, your contact information (name and phone number) will be required to verify your complaint. An inspector may contact you for additional information. Our Department does not disclose the identity of persons filing complaints during the investigation of the complaint. You may also report the nuisance by phone at 410-313-1773.