Request for Proposals

COVID-19 Vaccination: Community Engagement and Response Grants

1. General Purpose

Howard County Health Department (HCHD), with support of federal and state funding, seeks to engage community organizations and eligible healthcare entities in community-wide COVID-19 prevention and vaccination efforts throughout the Howard County community, with special emphasis on vulnerable populations and communities of color. HCHD seeks to:

  • Improve access to information about the importance, safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccines;
  • Facilitate access to vaccination appointments either through assistance with online registration systems, transportation to/from vaccination appointments, language translation or other needs not explicitly identified here;
  • Increase sites of vaccination in the community either through encouraging clinical providers to become COVID-vaccination providers or encouraging local community organizations to host a single (or multiple) community-centric clinics.

PLEASE NOTE: this is not for requesting vaccine appointments. For information on vaccines, please visit:

2. Application Categories

Eligible proposals must fall into one of three categories. Organizations may apply for multiple categories. If doing so, separate applications should be submitted. Competitive applications will propose activities that:

Category 1: Deliver COVID vaccination at your healthcare organization.

Applicants in this category are required to register with the State’s Immunet program to become a COVID vaccine administrator when vaccine supply becomes available and may apply for this funding to augment existing clinical infrastructure in order to accommodate for the administration of COVID-19 vaccination. This may include personnel costs, refrigeration equipment, tents, printing, IT equipment, and supply purchases. It is assumed that applicants will bill according to allowable CMS reimbursement rates for COVID administration costs.

Proposals in this category shall not exceed $75,000.

Category 2: Facili