Behavioral Health Programs & Services

For information about these, or other Behavioral Health programs, call the Bureau of Behavioral Health at 410-313-6202.

Adult Services Coordination
Mental Health screenings, referrals and medication referrals for adults.

Behavioral Health Navigation
Outreach, information dissemination, screening, navigation, and referrals to behavioral health services.

Child and Adolescent Coordination
Mental health screenings and referrals for youth, young adult and families.

Drug/DUI Court at the Howard County District Court
Drug/DUI Court monitors and supports individuals arrested for DUI and drug-related offenses acquire and maintain wellness and recovery.

Foreign Born Outreach Coordination
Behavioral health screening, referrals and brief case management for consumers who are non-English speaking. 

Maryland Recovery Net (MDRN) Care Coordination
Provides funding of last resort to support recovery efforts.

Opioid Misuse Prevention Program (OMPP)
Opioid prevention and awareness campaigning and outreach. 

Overdose Response Program (ORP)
Free training and distribution of Narcan to reverse an opioid overdose.  To register:  Email or call 410.313.6202

Peer Recovery Support Services
Individuals in recovery provide support, encouragement and advocacy for others seeking and maintaining recovery.

Psychogeriatric Coordination
Behavioral health psychogeriatric screening/referral and information sharing for seniors and their families

State Care Coordination
Assistance with transition from SUD residential treatment and continued support for intensive outpatient treatment and other specialized populations.

Substance Use Disorder Screenings 
Screening and referrals provided for Temporary Cash Assistance Recipients at the Department of Social Services

Substance Use Disorder Treatment 
Individuals at the Howard County Detention Center can receive treatment services. 

Contracted Services