Community Services Directories

Network of Care Directory of Services (for Howard County) - A searchable directory for individuals, families and agencies concerned with behavioral health. It provides information about behavioral health services, laws, and related news, as well as communication tools and other features.

Directory of Behavioral Health Services:  Behavioral Health Services Directory (updated December 30, 2020)

Directory of Behavioral Health Services for Youth:  Youth Behavioral Health Services Directory (updated December 30, 2020)

*Directories are not intended to be an exhaustive, authoritative guide to services. The guides on this page are updated frequently, however, changes occur regularly in agencies and organizations, thus, information may be outdated when you read these directories.

Servicios en Español Provee servicios en español ofrecidos en el condado de Howard. Nuestra misión es dar información y explicar los servicios que hay en la comunidad. Esta informacíon ha sido recolectada para apoyar a la comunidad latina.

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Substance Use Disorder Regional Residential Treatment Guide - Click to open.

Tips for Selecting a Treatment Facility

  1. Review Behavioral Health Resource Directories for possible referrals
  2. Ask a professional or trusted friend for assistance or a referral.
  3. Ensure the treatment facility is licensed and accredited.
    1. Search for the information on the agency’s website
    2. Look for information in the agency’s lobby
    3. Request a copy of their license and accredited certificate.
  4. Ensure the clinical staff are licensed.
    1. This can be verified on professional licensing boards' websites.
  5. Beware of offers for flights, rent, food, cash in turn for a referral or treatment placement.