Homeowner's Property Tax Credit

Maryland’s Homeowner’s Property Tax Credit program is administered by the State and granted to eligible homeowners of all ages. The program provides tax credits for homeowners who meet certain household income and net worth limits.

•     Eligible maximum household income to qualify is $60,000.
•     The maximum assessment to which the credit applies is $300,000.
•     The cash value of any qualified retirement plan or individual retirement account is not considered in the Net Worth calculation for the purpose of eligibility for the credit.

To receive the County and/or State Homeowner's Credit, you must file an application before September 1st. To apply for both homeowners credits you only need to file the State Homeowner Credit Application.

For more info and to download an application, visit their website at SDAT Property Tax Credits or call 410-767-4433.

Homeowner’s Credits are displayed on the tax bills. The amount of the credit will appear on the bill and reduces the tax amount due. If the credit is issued after the taxes are paid, a refund will automatically be made to the taxpayer. If you are anticipating a tax credit, but it has not been granted as of the due date of your taxes, pay the taxes in full to avoid interest and penalties.