Mortgage Information

All taxpayers in Howard County receive an original tax bill and are responsible for ensuring that their taxes are paid on time. Howard County also provides a full listing of taxes due on all properties in the County to mortgage companies who request it. These mortgage companies will match the properties for which they hold escrow accounts and make payment to the County. These payments are made effective July 31st (1st installment semi-annual and annual) and December 31st (2nd installment semi-annual), but may not be posted until the beginning of the following months, based upon their high volume. Taxpayers will not be charged interest in these cases.

Property owners may wish to contact their lender to ensure that the lender retrieved the tax bill and has included that bill in the payment process. If the lender does not have the correct billing information, you should forward a copy of your bill to your lender.


If you are refinancing your mortgage around the due dates for property taxes, you should make certain that the taxes are not paid by both lenders or by the lender and the title company at settlement. Be sure to notify the old mortgage company well in advance of settlement that you are closing the escrow account and advise them not to make payment if payment will be made at settlement.