Shared Septic
The Howard County Government authorized the establishment of shared sewage facilities to allow areas of the County not serviced by public sewer to be developed. The County is responsible for the annual operation and maintenance of all shared septic facilities. As described in Section 20.800 of the Howard County Code, the costs of the operation and maintenance of the facility are the responsibility of the property owners connected to the facility. Shared Septic Subdivisions Include: 

Ashleigh Knolls                     Pindell Woods                      Fulton Ridge 
Lyndonwood                     Sheppard Manor                     Burntswood Manor 
Brantwood                     Tridelphia Crossing                      Hopkins Choice 
Friendship Lakes                      Highland Overlook                      Maplewood Farms 
Riggs Meadow                      The Paddocks East                      Riverwood Farms 
Maple Ridge                      Walnut Grove                      Willowpond 

Each systems fee is leased on actual cost to operate. A 10% late penalty is added to all accounts not paid by the due date.

Mail payment to:  

Department of Finance
PO Box 2748
Ellicott City, MD 21041-2748

Make check payable to: Director of Finance, Howard County

Questions regarding the calculation of the fee or the operating and maintenance costs should be directed to the Bureau of Utilities at (410) 313-4934.

Questions regarding billing should be directed to the Miscellaneous Billing Division at (410) 313-3258, fax number (410) 313-3293.