Landfill Collection Charges/Waste Hauling

All commercial vehicles delivering solid waste* to the Alpha Ridge Landfill are required to purchase a nontransferable commercial landfill permit at an annual charge and follow all landfill rules; no commercial vehicles will be permitted to use the landfill without a permit.

Any permit renewals or changes (vehicle information, mailing address, etc.) can be submitted through our online application.

Please allow five business days for the County to process your application prior to coming to the landfill to drop off material. All permits are valid for the period from July 1st through June 30th. 


NOTE: As of July 1, 2015 the Commercial Solid Waste tip fee will be $80 per ton.

*Since July 2017, businesses no longer need a free permit to drop-off recycling. Small businesses may only bring material that was generated within Howard County.

Howard County Director of Finance is a third party billing center. The Alpha Ridge Center generates the invoices, and detail. The Department of Finance compiles the billing and any necessary additional information.

Howard County Alpha Ridge Landfill will implement a rate structure on an annual basis. Please refer to link below for full fee schedule.

Initial deposit required to establish a landfill account is $200 and may be adjusted periodically based on usage.

The minimum billing per transaction is $18.

Late payment penalty assessed on the last County work day of the month following the month on which charges are billed, at a rate of $5 or 2% of unpaid balance - whichever is greater -for every 30 days the balance is overdue. All statements will indicate the penalty date. All payments received will be applied to penalties first, and then principle balance.

Returned Check Fee is $35.

Full Fee Schedule

Mail payment to:

Department of Finance
PO Box 2748
Ellicott City, MD 21041-2748

Make check payable to: Director of Finance, Howard County

Make payments online:

Questions regarding billing should be directed to the Miscellaneous Billing Division at (410) 313-3258, fax number (410) 313-3293.