Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Division processes the County’s disbursements for all services and products provided by County contracted vendors.  The division also processes 1099 forms for payments and interest made by Howard County Government to a vendor/customer in excess of $600.00. The Accounts Payable Division also works with other Howard County agencies and external vendors on the correct and accurate process of payments.  

ACH Portal Login allows vendors receiving payments via ACH to lookup detailed information regarding payments received.

Accounts Payable Forms including New Vendor forms and ACH enrollment forms.  ACH is the preferred method of payment for The Howard County Government, please consider signing up today.    


The Accounts Payable Division is currently designing a notification email process for all ACH payment vendors.  Coming soon any vendor set up to receive payments via ACH with a valid email address on file with the Accounts Payable Division will receive notification when an ACH payment is issued.  Please use the ACH enrollment form to update your vendor email for future notifications.