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Planning Process


Valley Mede Hydrology and Hydraulic Study: 

  • Description: The Hydrology and Hydraulic Study will be a comprehensive analysis of the Valley Mede Watershed. This analysis will also model how certain water retention controls and channel enhancements will reduce the amount of flooding in Valley Mede in various storm conditions.
  • Surveying will begin on Plumtree Branch in mid-February south of Miller Branch Library and will continue upstream to north of Michaels Way through mid-March. 
  • Surveying will begin on Little Plumtree Branch in mid-March south of Miller Branch Library and will continue upstream to north of the North Chatham Road/Ramblewood Way intersection through mid-April.
  • Target Completion Date: Mid-Summer 2017

Valley Mede Debris Removal

  • Description: Restoring Environment and Developing Youth (READY) and County departments will be removing debris from stream channels along Little Plumtree Branch and Plumtree Branch
  • Target Completion Date: beginning mid-March and continuing through April 2017.

Valley Mede Case Study:

  • Description: The Case Study will collect first-hand accounts of experiences on July 30th and  will map how the water reacted in the Valley Mede/Chatham/Nob Hill area during the flooding
  • Target Completion Date: April 2017

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Non-Structural Floodproofing Study:

  • Description: The Non-structural Floodproofing Study will examine how different properties could utilize non-structural floodproofing techniques in order to reduce the damage of future flooding.
  • Target Completion Date: Late Summer 2017


Ellicott City Hydrology and Hydraulic Study and Concept Mitigation Analysis

Appendix A1
Appendix A2
Appendix A3
Appendix A4
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E

  • Completed June 2017

Case Study

  • Completed March 2017; completed past deadline due to unforeseen contractor complications.

Stream Corridor Assessment

  • Completed early February 2017; report delayed due to reevaluation of recommendations after Department of Public Works completed additional repairs.

Community Advisory Group Final Report

  • Completed February 2017

Economic Impact Study

  • Completed November 2016

Historic Ellicott City Flood Workgroup Report

  • Completed October 30, 2015

Previous Ellicott City Flood Studies

Maps of the Tiber-Hudson Watershed - open the "Map Information for Ellicott City Recovery" tab under "What's New" after clicking on this link.