Historic Ellicott City Flood Work Group

Howard County Gov­ern­ment formed the Flood Work Group in the Spring of 2015.

The Flood Work ­Group is specif­i­cally charged with:

  • Act­ing on ini­tia­tives to reduce flooding;
  • Eval­u­at­ing pri­or­i­ties and sched­ules for mitigation/infrastructure improve­ments in the future;
  • Out­reach to the com­mu­nity related to projects and initiatives;
  • Seek­ing com­mu­nity input and feedback;
  • Seek­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties for addi­tional fund­ing sources;
  • Pro­vid­ing com­mu­nity edu­ca­tional oppor­tu­ni­ties on reduc­ing impact of future flood­ing not mit­i­gated through the County funded projects; and
  • Work towards pos­si­ble reduc­tions in FEMA insur­ance rates

Flood Report

  • The Historic Ellicott City Flood Workgroup produced a report outlining recommendations to the Howard County Executive and County Council with the goal of protecting the Ellicott City Historic District by enhancing public safety and minimizing damage to properties. Click here to view the report.
Appointed Mem­bers
Kevin Bloom
Frank Duran­taye
Debra Korb
Lori Lilly
Jason McMil­lan
Ken McNaughton
Dave Myers
Ron Peters
Bruno Reich
Deb­bie Slack Katz (Chair) 



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