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Progress to Date

Since the devastating flooding that occurred on July 30, 2016, the County has undertaken multiple infrastructure improvement projects.

View this "Progress to Date" pdf for details.


The Flood

On July 30, Ellicott City was dealt a devastating blow when six inches of rain fell in less than two hours, causing a destructive flash flood that claimed two lives, damaged 90 businesses and hundreds of vehicles, displaced nearly 100 residents and left hundreds more unemployed.

In the days and weeks that followed the storm, county public works crews began stabilizing critical infrastructure such as water mains and stormwater systems in the historic community while residents, merchants and building owners began the enormous task of digging out, cleaning up and rebuilding their properties.

In September, Howard County was awarded public assistance funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a result of President Barack Obama’s declaration of emergency and support from Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and the region’s federal delegation. The assistance will help pay for infrastructure repair and replacement, hazard mitigation projects, debris removal, and other costs associated with the storm.  

By early October, Main Street reopened. Many businesses are up and running with more to come.
View a story map of the flood.

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The Ellicott City Watershed Hydrology and Hydraulics Study was presented May 31, 2017.  

It will be used as a touchstone throughout the Ellicott City Watershed Master Plan process and help guide decisions, set planning parameters, and test choices.   

Learn more about the Master Plan and review materials from the May 31 public workshop.