US-29 Pedestrian and Bike Bridge Project
Project History

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Design Concepts

On November 2, 2016, the Howard County Office of Transportation and the Department of Public Works held a public information session detailing design concepts for improvements to the existing bridge. All concepts being considered include new C O L U M B I A lettering on the bridge face, improved lighting and security, as well as cleaning. Improvements will be made with a $500,000 investment from the Howard Hughes Corporation and funding from the county.

Meeting Material: 

Presentation.  US 29 Bridge Presentation 11-2-16

Meeting Boards: US 29 Pedestrian and Bike Bridge Boards

Blank Comment Form: Blank Comment Form-US 29 Pedestrian and Bike Bridge

Feasibility Study 

In January, 2014 Howard County selected AECOM Corporation to complete an assessment of the existing pedestrian bridge over US29. The feasibility study assessed the condition of the existing bridge and provides a range of options, including developing time to complete and cost estimates for each option.