Maryland Route 99 Investigation

Howard County is undertaking an investigation into the transportation challenges facing residents in the MD 99 corridor. In 2017, during public meetings on the County’s 2018 Priority Letter, many residents shared their concerns about the safety and congestion challenges on MD 99, especially in the section between Marriottsville Road and the US 29/MD 99 intersection. Recognizing these challenges, the County initiated an investigation into the traffic, safety, and congestion challenges on the MD 99 corridor. The investigation is focused on gathering data and information and the impacts on residents, and the results will help guide future county and state actions.

The Howard County Office of Transportation is leading the investigation in coordination with the Maryland Department of Transportation and the Howard County Departments of Public Works and Planning and Zoning. Howard County plans to complete the investigation in the summer of  2019. 



December 11 Meeting Materials:

On Tuesday, December 11, 2018, the Office of Transportation held a meeting from 7 PM to 8:30 PM to share findings and recommendations from the Maryland Route 99 Corridor Investigation.

The investigation considered a wide variety of issues and concerns raised by residents, including:

  • Traffic volumes, queuing and traffic back ups
  • Travel times and travel speeds at different times of the day
  • Traffic signal operations
  • Challenges to making left turns onto MD 99 from side streets
  • Crashes
  • Impacts of school drop-off and pickup times on traffic
  • Ingress and egress at schools and school walk zones

The following materials were presented at the meeting, including a presentation, boards with existing conditions, findings and recommendations. Please review the presentations and boards and if you have any comments or questions please provide comments by:

We will also be developing written responses to some of the more detailed and complicated questions raised during the presentation. We will post them on the site as they are completed.

MD 99 Presentation

MD 99 Meeting Agenda

Information and Background Boards

Travel Speeds

Traffic Volumes

Aerial maps of the MD 99 corridor

Public comments since 2017

Development Activity


Origin and Destination Results


Recommendation and Feedback Boards

Signal and Geometric Recommendations

Sight Distance Mitigation Recommendations

Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvement Recommendations

Transportation Demand Management



Open House Materials:

On Tuesday, February 6, 2018, the Office of Transportation hosted an open house from 5 PM to 8 PM at the at the George Howard Building (3430 Court House Drive, Ellicott City). The Open House provided a venue for community members to talk to staff and for staff to learn as much as possible from area residents to ensure the project team is are aware of the issues experienced by the people who live in the area and know it best. At the open house the Office of Transportation and MDOT-SHA had tables and boards with information we have gathered such as traffic volumes and crash data. Attendees had the opportunity to review the information, and to discuss issues and concerns one on one with county and state staff.

The following materials were presented at the Open House:



MD 99 Resources:



Project Contact:

David Cookson, Planning Manager

(410) 313-3842