Bicycle Advisory Group

Section 6.408 of the Howard County Code establishes the Bicycle Advisory Group to "advise the County Executive and County Administration" on matters of bicycle transportation, particularly the implementation of the Bicycle Master Plan.

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Group Members

Group Members

Section 6.408 of the Howard County Code requires certain agencies and organizations to have representatives on the Bicycle Advisory Group (BAG), and other members may be admitted at the discretion of the Administrator of the Office of Transportation. The current BAG membership includes  (RP - Required Position, DP - Discretionary Position):

  • Jessica Bellah, Columbia Association (RP), Senior Community Planner
  • Jennifer Biddle, Howard County Department of Public Works (RP), Chief of Traffic Engineering
  • Ryan Channel, Howard County Public School System (RP), School Psychologist
  • Jack Guarneri, Chair, Bicycling Advocates of Howard County (RP), President
  • Jon Mayer, Maryland Department of Transportation, State Highway Administration (DP), Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner
  • Christiana Rigby, Howard County Council (RP), Council Member, District 3
  • Larry Schoen, Bicycle Advocate (RP)  
  • Lt. Aaron Dombrowsky, Howard County Police Department (RP), Commander, Traffic Management Division
  • Chris Tsien, Environmental Sustainability Board (DP), Board Member
  • Paul Walksy, Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks (RP), Park Planner
  • To be determined, Representative appointed by Voices for Change (RP) 
  • To be determined, Representative appointed by Howard County Association of Student Councils (RP)  
  • To be determined, Representative for retailers within Howard County (DP)

Staff Contacts

Executive Secretary

Chris Eatough
Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
(410) 313-0567


Recording Secretary 

Kimberly Woods
Administrative Support Technician, Office of Transportation
(410) 313-3054


Office of Transportation Staff

Molly Nur
Transportation Planner II

(410) 313-4360

Meeting Information