Office of Procurement and Contract Administration Bid Results

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  EOI-01-2017 Bid Results   02/22/17 Master Plan for Ellicott City and the Tiber-Hudson Watershed 
  EOI-02-2017 Bid Results    06/21/17  Architectural Services for a Variety of Building Types
  EOI-03-2017 Bid Results               04/26/17               Consultant Services for Water and Wastewater Facilities Engineering Design Services (WWFEDS) 
  EOI-04-2017 Bid Results    06/14/17  Stormwater  and Watershed Management Evaluation and Design Services
  EOI-01-2018 Bid Results    09/20/17  Howard County Circuit Courthouse Project
  EOI-02-2018 Bid Results   09/13/17 Consultant Services for: Water and Sewer Main Engineering Design Services (WSMEDS)
  EOI-03-2018 Bid Results    06/27/18  Stormwater Facilities Management Inspection Requirements Contract
  EOI-04-2018 Bid Results    05/30/18 Guilford Elevated Water Tank Engineering Design Services, Capital Project No. W8262 
  EOI-01-2019 Bid Results   10/03/18 Elkridge Main Street Small Area Plan Consultant Services
  EOI-02-2019 Bid Results   10/31/18 Carbon Fiber Repair of Pipelines and Structures
  EOI-03-2019 Bid Results   10/24/18 Failure Risk Analysis for Pipelines and Other Miscellaneous Structures
  EOI-04-2019 Bid Results   11/21/18 Organics Marketing and Operations Advisement
  EOI-05-2019 Bid Results   12/05/18 Pipeline Inspections, Monitoring and Assessment (PIMA)
  EOI-06-2019 Bid Results   01/10/19 Complete Streets and Shared-Use Pathway Planning and Design
  EOI-07-2019 Bid Results   02/13/19 Environmental Investigation and Compliance 
  EOI-09-2019 Bid Results   06/05/19 Patuxent Branch Trail Design
  EOI-11-2019 Bid Results   07/24/19 Little Patuxent Water Reclamation Plant Facility Plan Engineering Services
  EOI-02-2020 Bid Results   08/21/19 General Plan Update
  EOI-03-2020 Bid Results   12/18/19 General Civil Engineering and Surveying Services
  EOI-04-2020 Bid Results   12/11/19 On-Call Design, Engineering, Construction, Inspection, and Administrative Services
  EOI-05-2020 Bid Results   02/26/20 NPDES Watershed Management Program / NPDES Municipal Permit Annual Requirements
  EOI-06-2020 Bid Results               05/20/20                     Traffic and Transportation Engineering Services
  EOI-07-2020 Bid Results   08/12/20 On-Call Construction Inspection, Engineering & Administrative Services
  EOI-09-2020 Bid Results    08/19/20

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments 

  IFB-2017-04 Bid Results    06/28/17  Western Regional Park: Wastewater Treatment Plant (Capital Project C-0317-317  
  IFB-2017-23 Bid Results   12/14/16 Savage Area Sewer Realignment (Capital Project S-6290)
  IFB-2017-24 Bid Results    11/09/16 Oakland Water Tank Cleaning and Coating (Re-Bid) 
  IFB-2017-25 Bid Results   11/16/16  Body and Frame Repair Services Automobiles, Trucks and Heavy Equipment 
  IFB-2017-26 Bid Results    11/16/16  Janitorial Supplies, General Line 
  IFB-2017-27 Bid Results   11/09/16 Street Sweeping Services
  IFB-2017-28 Bid Results   11/16/16  Video Inspection of Sanitary Sewer Mains
  IFB-2017-34 Bid Results   11/23/16  In-Home Health Care Services
  IFB-2017-37 Bid Results                01/12/17               Cell 1 Landfill Gas Collection System Expansion (Capital Project C-0299)           
  IFB-2017-40 Bid Results   02/22/17  Integrated Curbside Refuse & Recycling Collection Services, Zones: TRZ-2, TRZ-3, TRZ-12, TRZ-15 
  IFB-2017-44 Bid Results     03/08/17 Turf Valley Road Sewer Extension, Capital Project No. S-6293
  IFB-2017-53 Bid Results   04/19/17  Little Patuxent Water Reclamation Plant Influent Pumping Station Pump Replacement 
  IFB-2017-56 Bid Results    03/29/17 Waste Hauling Services - Alpha Ridge Landfill 
  IFB-2017-63 Bid Results   05/03/17 On-Call Sewer Rehabilitation Construction (OCSRC) Capital Project No. S-6232