The Howard County Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission encourages all eligible students to participate in this essay contest and poster contest. The event theme this year is: “Racial injustice around the world, poverty, war. When man solves these three great problems he will have squared his moral progress with his scientific progress. And, more importantly, he will have learned the practical art of living in harmony.” 

For the essay contest, students are asked to select one of the great problems mentioned in the quote and write an essay showing how and why they would solve this problem describing how their idea of solving this problem relate to King's teachings.  

For the poster contest, students are asked to interpret the theme in any medium, art being their original work.

The deadline for submission is 5:00 PM Monday, December 30, 2019. Students with disabilities may submit entries using other media; posters, pictures, video, etc. Awards and prizes are listed on the accompanying flyer.

 The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission extends to all the participants their well wishes for sharing their ideas. They also applaud the teachers who, year after year incorporate this important event into teaching our young people about the principles that Dr. Martin Luther King lived and died for.

Essay Contest Rules


Living the Dream Award Contest


Poster Contest Rules


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Living the Dream Award Contest Application (pg. 1)


Living the Dream Award Contest Application (pg. 2)