Voluntary Benefit options

Employees may select from a variety of benefits under the voluntary benefits menu as listed below.  These are employee pay-all benefits.  

 Critical Illness Plan

·         Lump sum cash benefit paid directly to you upon the diagnosis of a covered critical illness including: Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, and more.

·         Individual and family coverage available.

·         Wellness benefit rider pays specified amount per covered person for cancer screenings including: Chest X-Ray, Pap smear, Colonoscopy, Mammograms, and others.

 Permanent Life Insurance

·         Provides permanent life insurance coverage that is portable upon retirement or change in employment.

·         Coverage for Spouse and dependents available.

·         Long Term Care Rider allows you to use 4% of your face amount each month for qualified expenses. 

 Short Term Disability

·         Pays benefit for up to 6 months following 7-day elimination period.

·         Covers total disability resulting from covered accidents, sicknesses, or pregnancy.

·         Benefits paid subject to a 12-month pre-existing limitation.

 Accident Insurance

·         Pays you a lump sum benefit for an accidental injury occurring on or off the job.

·         Works in addition to any other insurance.

·         Can be used to help pay deductibles, co-pays, or recover any loss income associated with accidents.

·         No limit to the number of claims.

Individual or family coverage available. 

Additional Benefits include Discounted auto/homeowner's insurance through Liberty Mutual, Pet Insurance, and Group Legal Insurance

For additional information on any of the voluntary benefits listed, please contact Select Benefit Communications Group at (410) 825-3430 extension 2.