457(b) Deferred Compensation Program

The deferred compensation program, also known as a 457(b) plan, is a defined contribution plan that allows employees to set money aside through pre-tax payroll contributions for retirement.  Because your contributions are taken on a pre-tax basis, you reduce your taxable income so you pay less income tax each pay period. You may elect to contribute to the plan with either flat dollar amount contributions or with percentage of your pay contributions.  You decide how to invest your contributions from a wide array of investment choices.  Your contributions and investments are not taxable until withdrawn.   With the Roth deferred compensation feature, your contributions go into the plan on an after-tax basis but your funds may be withdrawn tax free.  With a deferred compensation program your retirement benefit is dependent upon the amount of your contributions and the investment returns. For additional information, please contact our deferred compensation plan representative at 410-274-9568 or visit the deferred compensation website at www.howard457.com.