FY 2020 General Fund Revenues
Property and income taxes account for about 90% of total General Fund revenues.
  • There are over 100 revenue sources that support the General Fund such as different types of taxes, licenses and permit fees and charges for using different county facilities.
  • About 90% of total revenues come from two sources - property taxes paid by County residential and commercial property owners and income taxes paid by County residents. Both vital revenue sources have entered a moderate growth stage.

Revenue growth remains moderate.

Actual revenue growth has been slowing from an annual average of above 7% over a decade ago to less than 3% on average in the past three years. The moderate growth is attributed to many factors that are expected to continue in near future. These include a relatively slow job growth which matched the national trend during the recovery from the last economic recession, changing demographics with faster growth in the aging and lower income population and a potential economic recession or downturn.