FY 2020 General Fund Expenditures
Education (Public Schools, Library, Community College) remains the County’s Number 1 priority
  • County funding to education accounts for about 2/3 of the total budget, with funding for HCPSS exceeding half of all General Fund spending.
  • County funding to education is five times its funding to public safety.
  • Howard County ranks 3rd among Maryland’s 24 counties for local spending per pupil. County spending per student totaled $10,603, 41% higher than the State average of $7,507.

Key Spending Drivers
  • Cost of providing the same level of services continues to grow, driven by employee benefits & long-term liabilities (e.g. debt payments for infrastructure projects, pension and retiree health benefits, etc.).
  • Population growth results in increasing and competing demands for all kinds of services:
    • Total population growth has been averaging 1.6% annually.
    • Student enrollment growth has been averaging 1.5% annually.
    • 65+ population growth has been averaging 7.3% annually.