Long Term Outlook (FY 2020 to FY 2025)

Infrastructure funding requests (GO Bond) by all entities per the FY 2020  capital budget book are significantly above affordable levels.

  • County’s capacity to issue new General Obligation (GO) bonds, the primary funding source for capital projects, has dropped by more than 20% from an average of $112.9 million between FY11 to FY19, to $89.8 million in FY20.
  • Incurring more than adequate level of debt would not only increase the County’s debt burden or long-term liabilities and risk the County’s AAA credit rating, but also result in less funding available for all other services if debt service payments as a share of annual operating budget keeps growing.

Go Bonds FY21 FY22 FY23 FY24 FY25
Funding Request $242.0M $295.0M $187.4M $227.5M $108.7M
Affordable Level $90.0M $90.0M $90.0M $90.0M $90.0M
Shortfall ($152.0M) ($205.0M) ($97.4M) ($137.5M) ($18.7M)