The Budget Development Process
The County’s fiscal year, the 12-month period covering the annual budget, starts on July 1st and ends the following June 30th.


First Step – The Spending Affordability Advisory Committee (SAAC) 
  • The SAAC members, appointed by the County Executive in the fall, are tasked with examining fiscal data, reviewing multi-year revenue and expenditures and reporting their findings which will be used as a guideline in developing the upcoming year’s budget.  
  • Residents can follow the work of the Committee by viewing all their meetings and materials on the County’s website here

Second Step – Executive Development and Review 

  • The County Executive holds two public hearings (December and March) for residents to express their budget priorities. 
  • County agencies develop budget requests and submit them to the County Executive for review.
  • The County Executive presents the proposed capital (4/1) and operating (4/20) budgets to the County Council.

Third Step – County Council Review and approval 

  • The Council conducts a series of public hearings and work sessions to review the proposed budget. 
  • Residents are provided an opportunity to comment on the budget before the Council’s approval.  
  • The budget is approved on or before June 1.