About County Administration

The Department of County Administration fosters interdepartmental coordination and provides day-to-day administrative and technical support to ensure efficient operation of government and effective use of tax dollars in delivering services.

Key to its mission are the preparation of the annual budget, the administration of human resources and labor relations, legislative coordination between the County Executive and County Council, and the development of standard operational policies and procedures.

The Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for the oversight of the Department which includes the following agencies:

Office of Budget... proposes spending levels to the County Executive based on a variety of revenue and expenditure analyses to ensure a balanced budget. In addition to preparing this annual fiscal plan and special management and financial reports for the Executive and administration, Budget staff also monitors the purchasing, personnel and other spending requests of all County government agencies.

Office of Central Services... an internal support organization which derives its income from interfund reimbursements and cash sales for customer services. Included in its operations are warehousing, mail delivery, printing and reproduction services. In addition, the County's central fleet operation, which is responsible for all services that relate to county-owned vehicles, is managed through the office.

Office of Community Sustainability... The Office of Community Sustainability aims to protect and enhance natural resources and the quality of life in our community through the conservation, preservation, and restoration of our land, air, and water, guided by the principles of science, ingenuity, sustainability, and stewardship.

Office of Human Resources... coordinates the administration of all personnel-related tasks including recruitment, employment and employee communications. The office actively promotes a philosophy of equal opportunity for all through rules and regulations pertaining to hiring, promotion, training, compensation and benefits.

Office of Human Rights and Equity... enforces the County's human rights law, investigates complaints regarding discrimination in employment, financing, law enforcement, housing or public accommodations, and responds to inquiries about human rights issues. The office serves as a liaison with the public, government agencies and community groups to develop ways to combat discrimination and to promote better human relations.

Office of Procurement and Contract Administration... is responsible for the centralized purchasing of all goods and services for all county government funded agencies.

Office of Public Information... guarantees that residents, employees and the public-at-large are kept accurately informed of county government services, activities and programs in a timely, effective and efficient manner. The office serves as a clearinghouse for all official government communications.

Office of Risk Management... serves as a resource to all County entities in preventing and managing accidents and injuries along with the costs associated with such losses. Included in its program are safety, workers' compensation, liability issues, and property insurance.

Office of Transportation... primary focus is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of public transportation services in and around Howard County and ensure that connectivity is front and center in land use planning and site development.

Office of Workforce Development... provides customized, recruiting services for local businesses as well as job search assistance and training for job seekers. The office operates under the Workforce Investment Act and is a one-stop system that provides adult workers with access to a continum of pre- and post-employment and training services.