Bond/Release Information

Bond Information

Bond hearings are held Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) by the District Court.  To receive the results of an inmate’s bond hearing you should call (410) 313-5233 after 2:00 PM on the day of the hearing.  For information on how a bond can be posted contact the District Court Commissioner at 410-313-4740 (24-hours).

The Release Process

Family and friends who arrive at the facility to pick up a released inmate should realize that there will be a waiting period which may vary dependent upon the type of release.  The most common types of release are described below with a few helpful suggestions.

Released Time Served

The inmate will be notified in advance of their scheduled release date and time.  Information regarding an inmate’s pending release date will not be given over the telephone.  You may find out the date and time of the inmate’s release from the inmate.  There should be little, if any, waiting time involved if you arrive at the scheduled time of release. Most releases, for time served, occur at 8:00 a.m.

Released by Payment of Bond

You may post an inmate’s bond at the District Court Commissioner’s Office.  After bond has been posted the Commission will issue the appropriate release documents to the bondsman or person posting the bond.  The release documents should be brought to the Detention Center’s Upper Control window, located in the lobby, and surrendered to the Correctional Officer.  The average time for an inmate’s release is 1-2 hours after receiving the appropriate release documents.

Release from Court

Inmates who are ordered released during a court proceeding must first return to the Detention Center for processing.  All necessary release documentation must be received from the court.  This process may be lengthy since the court documents are not delivered until after all cases have been heard.