Office on Aging and Independence Events

The Office on Aging and Independence holds several annual events and conferences to provide a variety of educational opportunities for consumers.  Event pages are updated regularly and include helpful links to schedules/programs, registration forms and program descriptions.  


EXPO Logo 2017

Howard County's 19th annual 50+EXPO will be held on Friday, October 20, 2017, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Wilde Lake High School in Columbia, featuring vendors and exhibitors of interest to older adults, families, caregivers, care providers and professionals.  For more information, including exhibitor registration forms, please click the 50+EXPO logo above or visit the 50+EXPO information page.


WomenFest Logo

WomenFest is an interactive day which focuses on health, wellness, technology, fashion, and beauty and features 100+ vendors and exhibitors, free health screenings, and interactive seminars. WomenFest 2017 was held on Saturday, April  29 at the Gary J. Arthur Community Center, 2400 Route 97 in Cooksville, Md.  For more information, please click the WomenFest logo above, visit the Womenfest information page.


Caregiving Journey 2017 conference logo

The Office on Aging and Independence also holds an annual Caregiver Conference, designed to support and educate those providing care to a loved one.  The 2017 conference, "The Caregiver Journey, A Universal Voyage" was held at the Glenwood 50+ Center, 2400 Route 97, Cooksville, MD 21723 on Saturday, March 25. To be placed on a contact list for the next caregiver event, call 410-313-5969 (voice/relay) or email us