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Howard County Homeless Services COVID-19 Response Information

Community-level COVID-19 Homeless Planning and Response Dashboard
This dashboard is intended to provide information to inform planning and response efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic among persons experiencing homelessness in the United States. The dashboard is intended to provide the following information at both the national and Continuum of Care (CoC) level:

  1. Estimated size of the single adult homeless population, to provide a baseline understanding of scope of potential COVID-19 related impact and needs
  2. Potential impact of COVID-19 on the single homeless population, including number of infections, number of hospitalizations, number of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) admissions and number of fatalities
  3. Capacity needed to provide emergency accommodation to the single adult homeless population


Research: Estimated Emergency and Observational/Quarantine Capacity Need for the US Homeless Population Related to COVID-19 Exposure by County; Projected Hospitalizations, Intensive Care Units and Mortality

Do you need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at your agency

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Racial Equality
Weekly Shelter Services Conference Call
National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH) COVID-19 Guidance

People experiencing homelessness are uniquely at risk for contracting COVID-19.The Alliance’s Homelessness Research Institute has compiled a fact sheet on COVID-19 and homelessness, based on researchers’ recent recommendations on how to serve this vulnerable population during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Maryland State Guidance
COVID-19 Federal Guidance
New Economic Impact Payments for Americans Experiencing Homelessness​


CDC updated Interim Guidance for Homeless Service Providers 

  • Revisions to document organization for clarity
  • Description of “whole community” approach
  • Description of considerations for facility layout
  • Description of considerations for facility processes
  • Revisions with the understanding that many people might be asymptomatically infected with COVID-19
  • Clarification of cloth face covering use by clients and staff
  • Clarification of personal protective equipment use by staff

USICH Federal Programs that Support Individuals Experiencing Homelessness 

  • Most relevant to providers in this document, see page 4 "Journey Map for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness" illustrates possible paths for someone experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 outbreak 


Daily, HUD issues their Resource Digest to share new and updated information to provide COVID-19 Prevention and Homeless Response. You can view the latest and previous postings at this link:

HUD's COVID-19 Office Hours Q&A Webinar Every Friday from 2:30PM - 4PM
This is open to all homeless service providers. Check back weekly for new sign-in link.

Follow this link to register for the upcoming webinar on Friday, April 24th

Interim Guidances for:

Infectious Disease Toolkit for Continuums of Care:

Additional Homeless Shelter Resources:


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