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The Family Institute provides informational sessions and training workshops on the latest child and parent topics geared to children of all ages. Want to see what we have been up to?

Young Children

Behavior Basics and Managing Meltdowns

SEFEL, Social Emotional Foundations of Early Learning, is a comprehensive, research based approach that considers all of the factors that impact a child, family, and a child’s behavior. Learn how to teach your child new skills to replace challenging behavior rather than punishing. Learn how to set the stage to decrease negative behaviors from happening and what to do when they do occur. Leave this 2-part workshop with skills to use immediately and a follow up coaching session to help with implementation.

Building Resiliency in You and Your Child
Resiliency is  a critical skill for children to learn to help be successful in school and life. It is about building one's ability to “bounce” back from minor to more intense stressors in daily life. Parents are a big part in helping children develop this skill. By learning how to take care of yourself, you can help your child become resilient and able to manage their own stressors. Attend to learn how to strengthen your resiliency and thereby help your child build theirs.

Developing your Child’s Emotional Intelligence
In addition to keeping children physically safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also important to care for their emotional health. Children may be sensitive to changes in their routine and the stress experienced by caregivers, as well as their own feelings about the pandemic. Most often, they cannot express or manage these big emotions effectively. This workshop will provide you with the tools you need to support your child’s social-emotional development during this unprecedented time. Parents will explore the meaning of emotional literacy and learn practical strategies to teach children how to recognize and label emotions as well as appropriate ways to manage those big emotions. 

Give Peas a Chance: How to Reform Your Picky Eater
Most children will go through a stage of picky eating.  Although it is a normal developmental stage, it can result in mealtime battles that take a toll on the whole family.  There are many ways to help your child learn to enjoy new foods. Learn more about picky eating and strategies for raising a healthy eater.  Topics will include: When is it problem eating versus picky eating, what is your role as the parent and the child's role in establishing healthy eating habits, how do you keep from unintentionally using strategies that actually backfire, and how do you promote healthy eating on a budget?

Family First Workshop Series

Join the Howard County Family Institute for a special series designed for parents and guardians raising children from birth to age 8. Learn about child development, how to encourage self-esteem and good behavior, positive guidance and discipline, and how to keep children safe and healthy. Each class, offered in an interactive group form