Howard County Diaper Project Healthy Bottoms, Happy Babies



No family should have to choose between paying for food or for clean diapers for their children. The Howard County Diaper Project provides free diapers to low-income families, so they don't have to make those kinds of choices.

Together we can help Howard County families in need by collecting diapers and wipes. 

The Howard County Diaper Project collects diapers and wipes for families in need and distributes them through its partnership with the Community Action Council of Howard County (CAC).

What is needed? Disposable Diapers (Especially sizes 3-6, including pull-ups) and wipes. Open packages will be accepted.

Donations will be accepted at the CAC's Howard County Food Bank. 

For more information, call 410-313-2273 (voice/relay) or email  


We are here to help! Here's a Diaper Drive Toolkit to make it as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Pick a Theme

It can be simple such as: 
-Parents Helping Parents
-In lieu of gifts for birthdays, showers, etc.

-Bottoms Up Happy Hour for Happy Bottoms

-Diaper Collection at your Book Club

  • Location, Location, Location

Think BIG! Could you host it at your workplace? Your child’s school? Your place of worship? Is there a well-loved local business that might be interested in hosting a diaper drive with you? Just be sure you select a location that is easily accessible to many people.

  • Choose A Time

Plan on holding your diaper drive for at least a week to as long as three weeks so people have enough time to donate. You could tie your drive to a specific holiday or event. Or partner with an already-planned event in your community such as a school fair or community festival, a used-book sale at your library, or a local performance. Let your guests know that they can give a cash donation instead of diapers, which allows us to buy diapers at a discount.

  • Team Up!  

You can easily organize and run a drive by yourself, but think about hosting a drive with a few friends. That way, you maximize networks for spreading the word and minimize the work by sharing among a few people.

  • Spread the Word!

-Announce your diaper drive via social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
-Post notices in your community. 
-Remember one of the best ways to advertise is word of mouth. Talk about the drive to anyone and everyone!

  • Collect Diapers and Wipes

All sizes appreciated. Sizes 3 and up are most needed. Closed packages preferred, but we will take open packages too.

  • Let Us Help Celebrate Your Success! 

Show how easy it is to hold a successful diaper drive! Email your photos to and we will celebrate you as a Howard County Diaper champion.

  • Now…Deliver Diapers to the Howard County Food Bank

Donations are accepted Monday through Friday, 9am to 3pm at the Community Action Council of Howard County Food Bank, 9385 Gerwig Lane, Suite J, Columbia MD. To make special arrangements call  410-313-2273 or email