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2020 Census Community Grant Program

Community Grants - Submission is Closed

Census 2020 is just months away! To make sure all of our neighbors are counted, community groups,
nonprofits, neighbors, faith houses, and organizations connected to hard-to-count populations
are eligible to apply for Census Community Grants.

Less than 73% percent of American households returned a Census survey in 2010. Several communities
here in Howard County also had a lower-than-average response rate, which is why we’re asking for
nonprofit, faith-based and community groups to join committed volunteers in ensuring that citizens
and residents complete the survey through Howard County’s Census Grants program.

The census helps the federal government to ensure accurate population counts which impact funding
for public works and services, district boundary mapping and other government programs. For the first time,
neighbors will be able to complete the Census 2020 online, by mail, by telephone or via in-person response.
Hard-to-count communities will depend on trusted officials to support awareness and completion of the census.

Census 2020 will be here in no time! Sign up to help your friends and family be counted today by
applying for Howard County Census Grants today.




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