Notes From DCRS Director Jacqueline R. Scott
Updates on Howard County COVID-19 Vaccine Provision - February 23, 2021

DCRS continues its ongoing commitment to support the county's vaccine distribution plan. Our current focus remains on our older adult population, those with disabilities, and others who are vulnerable.

On February 17th we launched a program targeting outreach to older adult Independent Congregate Living Facilities (ILFs) in an effort to coordinate onsite vaccine clinics. There are 31 locations in our county that meet the current definition for ILFs. Our Office on Aging is coordinating the outreach to the property management companies for each of these locations to determine the number of residents, and schedule vaccine clinics -- and then working with the Mobile Integrated Community Health Team (MICH)- and the Health Dept. to conduct onsite vaccination clinics. During our Launch on February 17, Shalom Square Apartments and St Matthew House were our first clinic sites. 40 individuals received their first dose of vaccine at these two locations, including the staff who support the residents. The goal is to vaccinate at a minimum of one ILF location per week contingent upon vaccine supply. 

Additionally, as of last week, Maryland A