County Government Officials

Appointed Positions

The County Executive appoints directors of county departments and certain offices:

Aging and Independence:  Kathleen Swanson, Acting (410-313-6410)
Animal Control: Deborah Baracco (410-313-2780)
Budget: Holly Sun (410-313-2077)
Cable Administrator: Donna Richardson (410-313-3318)
Chief of Staff: B. Diane Wilson (410-313-0809)
Children and Families: Keri Hyde (410-313-1940)
Community Partnerships: Kathleen K. Swanson (410-313-6400)
Community Resources and Services: Jackie Scott (410-313-6400)
Community Sustainability: Jim Caldwell (410-313-2056)
Consumer Protection: Rebecca Bowman (410-313-6420)
Corrections: Jack Kavanagh (410-313-5200)
County Administration: Lonnie Robbins (410-313-2020)
Economic Development: Lawrence Twele (410-313-6500)
Finance: Stan Milesky (410-313-2195)
Fire and Rescue Services: John Butler (410-313-6000)
Housing & Community Development: Kelly A. Cimino (410-313-6320)
Human Resources: Wanda Hutchinson (410-313-2033)
Human Rights: Barbara Sands (410-313-6430)
Inspections, Licenses and Permits: Bob Frances (410-313-2433)
Law: Gary W. Kuc (410-313-2100)
Legislative Coordinator: Jennifer Sager (410-313-2164)
Planning and Zoning: Valdis Lazdins (410-313-2350)
Police: Gary Gardner (410-313-3200)
Public Information: Deidre McCabe (410-313-2022)
Public Works: Jim Irvin (410-313-4401)
Recreation and Parks: John Byrd (410-313-4700)

Technology & Communication Services: Wynne Hayes (410-313-3500)
Veterans and Military Affairs: Lisa Terry (410-313-6400)
Workforce Development: Francine Trout (410-313-4600)

Other appointed officials

Health Officer
Dr. Maura Rossman (410-313-6300)
Appointed by Maryland Secretary of Health & Mental Hygiene

Howard Community College President
Dr. Kate Hetherington (443-518-1820)
Contracted by Howard Community College Board of Trustees

Library System President and CEO
Valerie Gross (410-313-7750)
Appointed by Howard County Library System Board of Trustees

Public School Superintendent
Dr. Michael J. Martirano (410-313-6677)
Contracted by Howard County Board of Education

Elected Local Officials

Board of Education. Voters elect seven members at large for four-year, staggered terms.
Cynthia Vaillancourt, Chairman
Bess Altwerger, Vice Chairman
Kirsten Coombs
Christina Delmont-Small
Mavis Ellis
Sandra French
Christine O'Connor
Griffin Diven, Student Board Member

County Council

Voters elect five members by district for four-year terms. Council members may serve no more than three terms. Councilmanic districts are realigned every ten years, after each census (2000, 2010, 2020). 

Telephone 410-313-2001; mail to 3430 Courthouse Dr., Ellicott City, 21043, or e-mail:

District 1: Jon Weinstein
District 2: Calvin Ball, Vice Chairperson
District 3: Jennifer Terrasa
District 4: Mary Kay Sigaty, Chairperson
District 5: Greg Fox

County Executive

Voters elect a County Executive for a four-year term. The executive is limited to two terms. Telephone 410-313-2013; mail to 3430 Courthouse Dr., Ellicott City, 21043

Judges: Circuit Court, 5th Judicial District

Voters elect five judges to 15-year terms.
Lenore R. Gelfman, County Administrative Judge (410-313-2143)
Richard Bernhardt, Associate Judge (410-313-2145)
Mary M. Kramer, Associate Judge (410-313-2083)
Timothy J. McCrone, Associate Judge (410-313-2149)
William V. Tucker, Associate Judge (410-313-2066)

District Court Judges

The Governor appoints District Court judges.
Wayne A. Brooks
Lisa L. Broten
Pamila J. Brown
JoAnn M. Ellinghaus-Jones, Administrative Judge
Brian D. Green 
Mary C. Reese
Ricardo D. Zwaig

Other Court Officials

Voters elect the following for four-year terms:
Clerk of the Court: Wayne A. Robey, Clerk (410-313-3825)
Judges of Orphans Court: Anne Dodd, Nicole Bormel Miller, Leslie Turner (410-313-2133)
Register of Wills: Byron MacFarlane (410-313-2133)

Masters in Chancery, Circuit Court

Elizabeth J. Case (410-313-3635)
Stephanie P. Porter (410-313-2638)
Lara C. Weathersbee (410-313-3635)


Voters elect a sheriff for a four-year term with no term limit.
William J. “Bill” McMahon (410-313-2150)

State's Attorney

Voters elect a State's Attorney for a four-year term. There are no term limitations.
Dario Broccolino (410-313-2108)