Circuit Court Division

Most serious crimes committed in Howard County are handled by our Circuit Court Division.  Prosecutors in this division handle cases involving murder, robbery, child abuse, sex offenses, drug felonies, and other serious cases. Each attorney is assigned a variety of types of cases. This practice is designed to provide each attorney with a breadth of litigation experience, and to provide the county with a corps of litigators who can handle a broad range of types of cases. In addition, attorneys in the Circuit Court Division are provided with training, experience and involvement in specialized areas such as murder, arson, child abuse and white collar offenses, cyber crime and narcotics prosecution.

In addition to the felony cases, the Circuit Court Division also handles over 500 cases that come to the Circuit Court each year from the District Court. These include appeals from misdemeanor convictions, as well as demands for jury trials.

Attorneys in this division work closely with the Howard County Police Department on investigations and provide training to police academy trainees as well as to veteran officers.

Arson Unit

Our office works collaboratively with the Howard County Police Department and the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue to investigate and prosecute all crimes related to fire and explosives. The assigned prosecutor works closely with detectives and fire investigators who have specialized training in the fields of arson detection and investigation.

Burglary Unit

The Burglary Unit focuses on the prosecution of commercial and residential burglaries involving repeat offenders or significant loss. The unit assists police investigators, work the cases as soon as they are reported and follows the cases through to prosecution. Residential and Business burglaries invade the sanctity of the home or business and often result in a significant impact on the victim; emotionally and financially.  Our goal is to hold offenders responsible for their actions, and, if possible, to compensate victims for the monetary value of their loss.

Drug Unit

The prosecutors assigned to the Drug Unit work closely with the Vice and Narcotics Section of the Howard County Police Department. These prosecutors act as legal advisors to the police on long term investigations into drug trafficking in Howard County.  Many of the offenders targeted in these investigations have histories of violence and/or drug distribution.  The close working relationship between our Office’s Drug Unit and the police allows us to focus our resources and to target those causing a significant influx of drugs in this county or those who are impacting the quality of life in certain communities. 

Economic Crimes Unit

The Economic Crimes Unit collaborates with the fraud detectives in the Howard County Police Department. The cases they handle can be described as “white collar,” including the crimes of embezzlement, fraud, complicated identity thefts, high-dollar or complex employee thefts and credit card schemes. By working as a team with the police and other fraud investigators, the prosecutors in this unit are able to build strong cases which often result in obtaining convictions with significant jail sentences.  The Office vigorously prosecutes those who commit employee theft and tries to hold these perpetrators responsible through sentencing recommendations and by seeking restitution for the victims.

Motor Vehicle Manslaughter Unit

The Motor Vehicle Manslaughter Unit prosecutes those charged with killing another while driving a car or other vehicle and those cases involving life threatening injuries to victims.  This team works closely with motor vehicle accident investigators from the Howard County Police Department and the Maryland State Police to thoroughly investigate, charge, and hold accountable those who have inflicted death or life threatening injuries to another with their vehicle.