Business Rural (BR) and Business Rural Crossroads (BRX)


In February 2016, the County Council adopted Council Bill No. 55-2016 (CB55-2016) establishing a temporary hold on development applications for the Business Rural (BR) and Business Rural Crossroads (BRX) Zoning Districts finding that such applications, if approved, could lead to development incompatible with surrounding residential uses. CB55-2016 directs DPZ to study the deficiencies in the BR and BRX districts, investigate alternatives and make recommendations for improvements that best achieve the intended purposes of each zone.

Community Zoning Workshops

In April 2016, attendees provided valuable feedback and collaborated with planners to capture zoning recommendations for improving the areas around the County’s rural crossroads. The following highlight information presented in workshops held in the Highland, Glenwood, Dayton, and Lisbon crossroads areas:


Community Zoning Workshop Expectations


Workshops Will


Workshops Will Not


Bring stakeholders together and foster discussion on identifying challenges in the BR/BRX zoning districts.


Address roadway changes


Identify changes or adjustments to the zoning districts within each community.


Fund capital improvements


Encourage cooperation among stakeholders.



Fund capital improvements address code enforcement, neighbor disputes, etc.


Provide information to guide the zoning recommendations to be provided to County Council.


Provide longer-term planning strategies for these crossroads communities (i.e. small area planning efforts).

Four workshops will be held at the following locations and times:

Highland Crossroads: April 6, 2016 Presentation | Highland BRX Overlay Map

Glenwood Community:  April 12, 2016 PresentationGlenwood BRX Overlay Map

Dayton Community: April 19, 2016 Presentation | Dayton BRX Overlay Map

Town of Lisbon: Presentation: April 28, 2016 Presentation | Lisbon BRX Overlay Map


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