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Restrict Water Use 7-10-2012

July 10, 2012

Media Contact :
Kevin Enright, Director, Office of Public Information, 410-313-2022

Water Main Transmission Repair in Baltimore City Causes Potential Supply Shortage

Residents urged to restrict unnecessary water use until further notice

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Howard County Executive Ken Ulman is asking county residents and businesses to restrict unnecessary water use until further notice due to major repairs being made to a 54-inch water delivery main in Baltimore City and resulting in a limited supply of water. Coupled with the hot weather, residents are being asked to restrict use of water during daylight hours as Baltimore City’s Department of Public Works works to repair this supply main.

The county’s water remains safe to drink.

Residents can assist the County by delaying the following uses of water :

  • Please refrain from outside watering, car washing, power-washing or pool-topping until after sunset or during the early morning hours.
  • Please shift washing clothes or dishes, or non-essential cleaning using water to the early morning.
  • Use clothes washers and dishwashers only with full loads.
  • Take short showers, they use less water than filling a tub.
  • Report open hydrants to Bureau of Utilities ( 410-313-4900 ).

The Baltimore City water main is one of two lines from the City that delivers the majority of water to Howard County. Loss of this key water supply reduces Howard County’s ability to meet the additional demand outdoor water use places on the system during warm summer months. By limiting one’s use of water during the day helps ensure that adequate water supply and pressure are available for basic customer service, especially emergency fire protection.

Residents with PRIVATE WELLS ARE NOT AFFECTED by this water supply shortage.

If hot, dry weather persists during this repair mandatory water restrictions may be necessary.

Residents, who experience a disruption in their service, may contact Baltimore City Department of Public Works at 410-396-5352.

For more information and/or questions regarding the water main repair and water conservation efforts, please contact Howard County’s Department of Public Works, Bureau of Utilities at 410-313-4900.