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Police: Citizen survey (submit input or compliments about police personnel)

The Howard County Department of Police is committed to providing the citizens we serve with timely, professional service. We are proud of our high ethical standards and want only to improve. Please take a few moments to complete the citizen survey. You may simply fill out the form and send it electronically. Or, if you prefer, you may print it and mail it to Howard County Department of Police, Office of Public Affairs, 3410 Court House Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043.

We request your candor and can assure your anonymity, if desired. Remember, the purpose is intended to measure our effectiveness and improve our service.

Name (optional):    
Telephone (optional):  
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Street address
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Under what circumstances have you had contact with the Howard County Department of Police in the last three years?  

 Victim of a crime   
Foot patrol contact     



What has been the general level of competence of police department employees with whom you have had contact? 



Comments on competence: 




What has been the overall attitude of officer(s) with whom you have had contact? 



Comments on attitude: 




How do you feel about the safety and security of Howard County? 



Comments on safety: 




Overall, how do you rate the agency performance? 



Comments on overall agency performance: 



What can the Howard County Department of Police do to make you feel safer and more secure? 



Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your answers will be given serious consideration in making the Howard County Department of Police more accountable to the community it serves.