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Police: Police Officer of the Month

Each month, Chief Gary L. Gardner and the Howard County Police Department award an officer with the honor of Police Officer of the Month. The officer is chosen based on his or her performance during the month. While many nominations are submitted for the outstanding work our officers do, only one person whose accomplishments were far above and beyond the parameters of the job is selected. We are proud to honor these recipients with this award and thank all of our officers for the exceptional work they do on a daily basis for the department and the citizens of Howard County.



  • January: PO Christopher Attanasio
  • February: PO Colin Morningstar
  • March: PO Andrew Saffran
  • April: PFC Chaz Runk
  • May: PFC Russell DiAngelo
  • June: PFC Christopher Weir
  • August: PFC Kalle James-Wintjen
  • September: PFC Sean Kent
  • October: Cpl. James Zammillo
  • November: PO Patrick Gipe




  • December: PO Brian Borowski
  • November: PFC William Martin
  • October: PFC Antonio Thomas 
  • September: PO Scott Johnson 
  • August: PFC Nicholas Gordon-Roberts 
  • July: PO Christopher Attanasio
  • June: PFC Bradford Skove
  • May: PO Kalle James-Wintjen 
  • April: PO John Salato
  • March: PO Mathew Dahlin
  • February: PFC Brian Reger 
  • January: PFC Russell Diangelo



  • December PO Patrick Rafferty
  • November: PO Kalle James-Wintjen
  • October: PO Kalle James-Wintjen 
  • September: PFC Bradford Skove
  • August: DFC Wade Zufall
  • July: PFC Kristian Bush
  • June: PFC Jonathan Berry
  • May: Cpl. Bradley Cornwell
  • April: PFC Raymond Peele
  • March: PFC Symchay Bendu
  • February: PFC Elijah Cortez
  • January: PFC James Lentscher



  • December: PFC Roberto Lopez
  • November: PFC Sean Kent
  • October: No Nominations
  • September: No Nominations
  • August: PFC Christian Kim
  • July: PFC Matthew Kurtz
  • June: PO Clyda Hodo
  • May: PO John Byer
  • April: PFC Serge Woctchou
  • March: PFC Joseph Pugliese
  • February: PFC David James
  • January: OFC Raymond Peele


  • December: PFC Nicholas Meyer
  • November: PFC Jonathan Berry
  • October: PFC Bradford Skove
  • September: Cpl. Jason Ellis
  • August: Ofc. Christian Kim
  • July: PFC Luke Buchanan
  • June: Ofc. Andrew Schlossnagle
  • May: Ofc. Nicholas Ventura
  • April: PFC Joshua Mouton
  • March: Ofc. Nathan Guilfoyle
  • February: PFC James Zammillo
  • January: PFC Lance Bergersen