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12/4/2014 - 12.4.14 Department of Recreation & Parks Announces Additions to 2014-2015 Deer Management Program READ MORE
11/18/2014 - 11.18.14 County Executive Ken Ulman Announces that Playing Fields at Blandair Park Now Named for Delegate Frank Turner READ MORE
9/27/2014 - 09.27.14 Executive Ulman Opens Troy Park at Elkridge, Howard County’s Eighth Regional Park READ MORE
9/26/2014 - 09.26.14 Executive Ulman to Open Howard County’s Eighth Regional Park – Troy Park at Elkridge READ MORE
9/24/2014 - 09.24.14 Executive Ulman Leads Preview Tour of Troy Park at Elkridge – Howard County’s Eighth Regional Park READ MORE
9/23/2014 - 09.23.14 Department of Recreation & Parks Announces Deer Management Program for 2014-2015 READ MORE
9/6/2014 - 09.06.14 South Branch Park Set to Open in Sykesville READ MORE
9/5/2014 - Howard County Government and Town of Sykesville to Open South Branch Park Playground READ MORE
7/1/2014 - 07.01.14 Howard County Announces 2014 “Community Sports Hall of Fame” Induction Class READ MORE
6/17/2014 - 06.17.14 Howard County Recreation & Parks Opens Renovated Tennis Courts at Centennial Park READ MORE


Preschool Lacrosse

Lil LAXers: Calling all Little LAXers! This high energy curriculum introduces children to important fundamentals of lacrosse such as scooping, cradling, and shooting. Age appropriate equipment is used to provide children with a safe and fun experience in every LAXers class! Parents are also encouraged to follow the coach’s instructions to assist in the games and activities. Little LAXers program for 3 and 4 year olds are offered in the spring, fall, and winter. For more information, contact Amanda Bartell, 410-313-1694.

Youth Lacrosse

Introduction to Lacrosse (Boys Registration and Girls Registration), ages 5-11: First-time players or those wanting to improve skills by focusing on lacrosse fundamentals. Curriculum includes stick work, shooting, ground balls and basic lacrosse concepts.

Middle School Indoor Lacrosse (Online Registration for Boys and Girls): Fast paced, fun-filled indoor lacrosse designed to fine-tune players' skills for the upcoming Spring Season! Sessions will include instruction followed by games.

Winter Tune-Up for High School Boys (Boys Registration and Girls Registration): this indoor program is intended for experienced high school players interested in continuing skill development in the off-season, and to prepare players for spring lacrosse. 

Hero's Lacrosse League: This league is for new and experienced players (5-14 years) who want to build their skills during the summer. Participants are placed on teams and play one game per week throughout the summer.

Howard County Lacrosse Program: for Boys and Girls ages 5-14.  This is a recreational/instructional league with new and experienced players placed on teams and participating in regular practices and games. 

  • HC Lax (recreational) in the spring
  • COBRA (travel) in the spring with fall tryouts
  • HoCo Summer Club 

Adult Lacrosse Leagues

Adult leagues (men's open, Masters/35+ and Grand Masters/45+ leagues), hosted on HCRP turf fields across the county.  Leagues operate in spring, summer and fall seasons.  Division offerings may change seasonally based on demand. 


Click here for upcoming tournaments