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Track and Field Events



2014 Hershey Track & Field Meet - Sunday, June 8, 2014 - Long Reach High School. 

On-site registration - 11AM-12:30PM.  Field events - 11AM-12:30PM.  Track events start at 1pm.

Compete in a maximum of 3 events (two running and one field event or two field and one running event).

Click here to register/more information for the 2014 Hershey Track and Field Meet (Please use the course and section number for the corresponding age group/event below when registering)

For more information contact Will Dunmore or call 410-313-1697

Boys 9-10 yrs

RP6950.701 50 Meter RP6950.704 400 Meter

RP6950.702 100 Meter RP6950.705 Standing Long Jump

RP6950.703 200 Meter RP6950.706 Softball Throw

Boys 11-12 yrs

RP6951.701 100 Meter RP6951.704 800 Meter

RP6951.702 200 Meter RP6951.705 Standing Long Jump

RP6951.703 400 Meter RP6951.706 Softball Throw

Boys 13-14 yrs

RP6952.701 100 Meter RP6952.704 1600 Meter

RP6952.702 200 Meter RP6952.705 Standing Long Jump

RP6952.703 800 Meter RP6952.706 Softball Throw

Girls 9-10 yrs

RP6950.711 50 Meter RP6950.714 400 Meter

RP6950.712 100 Meter RP6950.715 Standing Long Jump

RP6950.713 200 Meter RP6950.716 Softball Throw

Girls 11-12 yrs

RP6951.711 100 Meter RP6951.714 800 Meter

RP6951.712 200 Meter RP6951.715 Standing Long Jump

RP6951.713 400 Meter RP6951.716 Softball Throw

Girls 13-14 yrs

RP6952.711 100 Meter RP6952.714 1600 Meter

RP6952.712 200 Meter RP6952.715 Standing Long Jump

RP6952.713 800 Meter RP6952.716 Softball Throw

This isn't a video game, it’s a real game. It’s not watching others on a TV show, it’s being the star of your own show! In one word, it’s awesome.

The Howard County Local HERSHEY’S Track & Field Meet is held the first Sunday in June and the meet offers running events, like the 50-meter dash and the 800-meter run, and field events, such as the softball throw and the standing long jump.

And that’s just for starters. If you work hard enough and qualify in your events, you’ll get the chance to compete at the State and then possibily at the North American Final in Hershey, Pennsylvania. P.S. The trip to Hershey is totally FREE and you get to do a lot of cool things like go to Hersheypark, visit HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD Attraction, and tour HERSHEY'S state of the art chocolate factory.  

If you're between 9 and 14 years old and everything we said sounds pretty cool, start running now and look for next year's HERSHEY'S Track & Field Games meet sponsored locally by Howard County Recreation & Parks.