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Bid Results


Office of Purchasing Bid Results

For Bid results click on the solicitation number below: 

EOI Solicitation Number   


Solicitation Title  
 EOI-02-2016 Bid Results  10/21/15 3rd District Police Sub-Station & Renovations (P4928)
 EOI-03-2016 Bid Results  11/18/15 Construction Inspection, Engineering & Administrative Services On-Call Contract
 EOI-04-2016 Bid Results   11/12/15 Construction Manager-at-Risk Services for:  Little Patuxent Plant Biosolids Processng Facilities Improvements, 8th Addition

IFB Solicitation Number   


Solicitation Title                              

IFB-2016-10 Bid Results  9/30/15 Kerger Road Pumping Station Improvements (S-6282)
IFB-2016-12 Bid Results  09/16/15     Elkridge Fire Station (Fire Station No. 1 Relocation) F5964
IFB-2016-15 Bid Results  09/09/15 Traffic Signal Construction & Modification (Re-Bid)
IFB-2016-16 Bid Results  09/02/15        Lawn and Garden Paper Bags
IFB-2016-18 Bid Results  09/30/15 Sewer System Inspection, Cleaning and Rehabilitation Services
IFB-2016-20 Bid Results  09/16/15        Traffic Control Devices, Stop Sticks
IFB-2016-22 Bid Results  09/30/15 Firearms Training Simulator
IFB-2016-25 Bid Results  11/04/15 Drug Testing Services
IFB-2016-27 Bid Results  10/21/15     Hot-In-Place Recycling Program (Re-Bid)
IFB-2016-28 Bid Results  10/14/15     Loaders, Excavators, and Snow Plow Equipment Rental
IFB-2016-33 Bid Results      10/28/15 Wine In The Woods Online Ticket Sales (Re-Bid)
IFB-2016-35 Bid Results  11/18/15 Rifle and Pistol Ammunition
IFB-2016-36 Bid Results  11/25/15 Roadside Animal Carcass Removal & Disposal
 IFB-2016-39 Bid Results  11/25/15        ICBN Fiber Network Sales and Leasing Services
IFB-2016-42 Bid Results  11/25/15 Snow and Ice Removal Services for County Buildings

RFP Solicitation Number   


 Solicitation Title  

RFP-01-2016 Bid Results  10/14/15

Fire and Rescue Occupational Health Services

RFP-04-2016 Bid Results  10/21/15

Traffic Enforcement, Automated Red Light and Speed Camera Systems and Office Services

RFP-05-2016 Bid Results  11/04/15 Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan Consulting Services
RFP-06-2016 Bid Results  11/18/15 Landscape Maintenance
RFP-08-2016 Bid Results  11/18/15 Human Capital Management Consulting Services