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Licenses & Permits

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Police: Special event permit
Information on permits for special events that will impede vehicle or pedestrian traffic
Rental Housing License Requirements
Since 1965, Howard County Housing Inspectors have enforced Housing Code standards by inspecting and licensing rental housing units.
Grading Permit

Grading permits are required under Title 3, Subtitle 4 of the Howard County Code to assure that prior to construction, erosion and sediment controls are approved to minimize soil erosion and off site sedimentation.

Sign Permit
Sign permits are required to regulate signs placed for exterior observance so as to protect the safety and character of the various communities in the County.
Building Permit

Building permits are regulated and enforced under Title 3, Subtitle 1, Section 3.100 of the Howard County Code for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare.

Pet License
Requirements for animal and cat licensing are listed here. Pet owners must continuously maintain a rabies vaccination for their pets.
Trespass Tow Licensing

The Office of Consumer Affairs is responsible for licensing companies that tow vehicles from private property without the permission of the owner of the vehicle.

Solicitor and Peddler Licensing

No person shall engage in soliciting or peddling in Howard County unless that person has obtained an identification (ID) card from the Office of Consumer Affairs. Howard County Code, Section 14.700.

HVAC Permit

HVAC permits are required under Title 3, Subtitle 1 of the Howard County Code to assure that HVAC installations are performed by licensed personnel and that these installations are in compliance with the International Mechanical Code.

Mobile Home License

 The Licenses and Permits Division coordinates the issuance and inspection process of Annual Mobile Park Licenses in conjunction with other County and State Agencies. The list of licensed mobile home parks is here.

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