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Consumer Affairs
Howard County Office of Consumer Affairs summary of services.
Real Estate Services Division

The Real Estate Services Division (RESD) was established in 1988 by the Director of Public Works.  Our mission is to ensure that all mandated programs and functions assigned to the division are completed in a timely fashion and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.   We are responsible for the administrative, legal, and technical requirements of the programs, policies and procedures as hereinafter defined.  Approximately 95% of this division's workload is mandated by State and/or County laws.

About the Health Department

The Health Department is the sole government agency responsible for improving the health of Howard County. By State and County authority, the Health Department is charged with enforcement of certain federal, state and county laws and regulations.


About Recreation and Parks
Welcome To the Howard County Department Of Recreation and Parks! This Department uses a TEAM approach to provide a high quality recreation and parks system that promotes opportunities for all Howard County residents to pursue safe and enjoyable leisure activities in balance with the protection and conservation of natural resources.
Office of Transportation/About Us
The Office of Transportation’s primary focus is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of public transportation services in and around Howard County and ensure that connectivity is front and center in land use planning and site development.
Community Service Partnerships
Howard County, through its Department of Citizen Services, offers grants to nonprofit organizations providing a human service activity in the county. To be eligible for funding, an agency must be a 501 (c)(3) or 501 (c)(4) nonprofit, provide a service
Disabilities Services
DISABILITIES SERVICES All programs, services and facilities of county government are accessible and available to citizens with disabilities as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Rehabilitation Act of 1973. What we do ·  Assist individuals with disabilities
Police: Home page
Police home page; about the Howard County Police Department
Howard County Office of Children's Services
Welcome to the Howard County Office of Children’s Services. As part of the Department of Citizen Services, our mission is to “provide information and access to resources for families to ensure all children in our community thrive.” The goal of
Welcome to the Office of Purchasing

Thank you for your interest in the Howard County Office of Purchasing. Last year, the Office of Purchasing was responsible for the expenditure of over $145 million of taxpayer funds.


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