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Department Of Technology And Communication Services

The mission of the Department of Technology and Communication Services is to make Howard County Government a leader in the use of information technology to best serve its citizens. The consistent use of proven technologies enhances the ability of employees from all departments to do their jobs efficiently and cost effectively.

The department is responsible for the infrastructure of the County's wide area network and administers all of the hardware and software used to implement the County's computer applications. The factors of cost, growth potential, ease of use, speed, reliability and security are important considerations in the department's network and systems planning. A mix of hard-wired and wireless technologies are used to make readily accessible a variety of logistical, financial, and geographic data both to the public and the County’s workforce. The department’s analysts and programmers use leading systems development tools in their software production efforts. Where applicable and cost effective, standard applications available from outside vendors are procured.

The department plays a major role in support of Public Safety Systems, including the 911 system and multiple Homeland Security initiatives. Also administered is a real time snow plow tracking system which delivers real-time information via the Internet on the conditions of county roadways during winter storms.

Reliable communications is essential to public safety and delivery of government services. The department maintains all of the county’s land-lines and cellular telephones and the new 800 MHz radio system, a key resource for Public Safety personnel. The radio system provides mobility of voice and data throughout the entire county and allows seamless communication with neighboring counties in emergencies.

The staff is highly trained in all the information and communication technologies required to support the County's many different jobs and functions necessary to run the government. Customer satisfaction is greatly emphasized to ensure that both citizens and county workers are best served by using the optimal technology at their disposal.