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Agricultural Land Preservation Board


| Agenda - March 23, 2015 |  2015 Schedule |
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Joy Levy, Administrator - 410-313-5407  

Mary Smith, Administrative Support - 410-313-5407

The Board makes recommendations to the County Executive on the acquisition of agricultural land preservation easements and reviews proposals concerning land subject to an agricultural land preservation easement.

As a matter of practice, the Board meets monthly at the Howard County Fairgrounds. The meetings of the Board are open to the public. The decision of the Board is determined by a majority vote (four votes) except a recommendation to acquire an easement requires five affirmative votes.

Board Members

Lynn Moore, Chairman; Ricky Bauer, Vice Chair; 
Mickey Day; Howie Feaga; Ann Jones; Shirley Matlock; Denny Patrick

The Agricultural Land Preservation Board members would like to express their sadness at the recent passing of Jim Eacker, who served on the Board since 2004. Jim was a dedicated Board member and will be missed by all.