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Policies & Regulations

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It is sometimes difficult for the average person to know what laws, regulations and policies affect residents of the county. For the past few years Howard County has worked to make those laws, regulations and policies more readily available to the public, and this page is a continuation of that effort. To that end, this page has links to a broad range of information – from the Howard County Code, which contains all County laws, to rules regarding consumer rights, County parks, building and construction permits, liquor licenses and many other issues.
Planning & Zoning Development Information for Sign Codes, APFO, Customer Service, Pre-submission Meetings, Project Dox, Redlines, SRC and Zoning.
Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

Zoning and Subdivision & Land Development Regulations

Landlord Rights & Responsibilities
Screen the applicant family to be sure that they will be good renters. Take care to review the applicants’ rental history, credit history, and criminal history. Follow fair housing and equal opportunity requirements and laws. Abide by your obligations under
Bureau of Utilities Water Only Submetering Policy
The Bureau of Utilities Water Only Submetering Policy for Commercial and Industrial Water/Sewer Accounts.
Water and Sewer Connection

The Department of Planning and Zoning, Development Engineering Division, is responsible for review and approval of water and sewer connections to the public utility to assure there are no conflicts with any regulations pertaining to recorded easements, wetlands, or floodplains.

Rules and Regulations on County Parkland
The purpose of this subtitle is to establish regulations providing for the public's safe and peaceful use of county parks and park land; for recreational and educational benefit and enjoyment; and for the protection and preservation of the property, facilities and natural resources of the county. Click the link for more information.....
Social Media Comments Policy

 We welcome you and your comments to any of Howard County Government's social media pages. The purpose of these sites is to present matters of public interest to Howard County, including its many residents, businesses and visitors. We encourage you

Howard County Consumer Laws

The Howard County Office of Consumer Affairs statue was established in 1976 as part of a nation wide effort to protect consumers from deceptive and unfair sales practices. Title 17 of the Howard County Code provides the Office of Consumer

Rental Policies
Back to Rentals page Softball baseball and multi purpose fields are available by permit. For fee and permit information about baseball or softball fields, call 410 313 1689 for multi purpose fields, call 410 313 4736.   Applicants and their
Residential Plumbing - Rough In

Determine that the building main sanitary drain, branches, and venting systems are sized adequately, graded and properly supported and protected from damage. Ensure that trap arms for drains, lavatories and sinks are the proper lengths. Ensure that storm condensate

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